What exactly is Analysts Corner?

We are a community of investors, traders and investment professionals who have united with the common goal of improving our individual investing strategies. By pooling our experience, knowledge and various resources -- we have created a powerful network of information.

What is the cost of membership to Analysts Corner?

There is no cost, no hidden charges and no catch. Analysts Corner is a community, by members and for members. Membership is open and free for everyone and anyone to join, so long as they have an interest in investing and making money through better information and education. Our continued operations and online presence are paid for by third-party sponsors instead of membership dues.

How do I know how successful your community really is?

There is only one way to find out: gather some evidence! Subscribe to the community newsletter and start to track our performance. After watching 2 or 3 highly successful opportunities come your way, we are confident you will see value in our community model.

What are these "opportunities" I keep hearing about?

Our focus has been to benefit the community as a whole and make use of the combined knowledge base. As a result, we have come forward with one of the most powerful tools at our disposal: community highlighted trade opportunities. This is where, thanks to third-party sponsors, we are able to release an opportunity to the community to act as a starting point for further due diligence. Often times, these opportunities go on to post incredible performance gains as the community begins to take note and highlight the merits of the focused company. This often has the effect of sparking the interest of the rest of the market. If the community was correct in identifying an undervalued or high potential company, the market as a whole will often times begin to react and carry the price to where it needs to be.

Can you provide an example of what this looks like?

A good example is Facebook. Consider discovering Mark Zuckerberg in his college days developing a brand new website. He needs money and explains the concept of social networking to you. No one else knows about Mark's idea and Facebook has yet to come to its own, but you see potential and purchase some equity, say 5% for $50,000 -- allowing him to continue developing his website. Now consider as Facebook became more successful, more people began to see the potential in the idea. This caused demand for equity to grow (even before Facebook turned a profit, simply because of the potential future earnings), and as a result, the equity value rose substantially. In early angel funding rounds, your initial 5% equity could have easily been sold for over $50 Million dollars. That is a return of over 100,000%.

Are you looking for the next Facebook?

Well, yes and no. We only need to capture 0.1% of that return in order to see a double on initial capital. So, are we looking for innovative companies? Yes. Do we need to hit a home-run every-time? No.

So what exactly are you looking for?

We are looking for a great opportunity where a business has already laid the foundation and appears to be ready to make the transition to the next level. This transition stage from "Good" to "Great" is where we have seen the most success. Although you may leave some gains on the table by entering a little later at the "Good" stage... you also leave much of the risk behind as well (capital preservation!). The ability to consistently make between 30 - 50% per trade should not be under-rated. The key here is in compounding your earnings.